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What's New?

What's New on My Web Site?

To many improvements to list right now. keep checking back as i list them .

5-30-2005:Check out my auctions on Collect Badges  http://www.collectbadges.com

id: Squadcars

4-24-2005: Added pics to my Models/DieCasts page<br> i also sell my die cast cars. and do some custom die cast /models on occasion

(NEW)  Check out my new Patch Sale /Trade page


(UPDATE)  GRAN FURY IS FIXED !!!!!!finally got her new rear end in , Id like to thank Sheli @ fenton auto salvage  ( www.fentonauto.4t.com )for the parts and all my other fnends who helped out , you know who you are. THANKS AGAIN for all the help

shes even been in an independant film. you will soon see her in the film Hooch and Daddy-0  www.hoochanddaddyo.com & Tapestry of Shadows www.tapestryofshadows.com

Las Vegas Pd Caprice :
got a new lightbar (Whelen Edge 9000) and a new incar computer (actual LVMPD unit)

NYPD Caprice :
got almost everything ready for the graffics shop.

 (update) well its comfirmed..shes got bad cats ( converters).and bad wiring and fuel pump .so it looks like her debut will have to wait till i get some more cash to get her fixed. hope to have her ready Winter of 2010

keep checking back to see what else ive updated.



Interesting Car News
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that 6.3 million vehicle crashes each year involve driver distraction. With new technology being implemented in cars, more distractions exist than ever before. So be careful when using car phones, car fax machines and e-mail, and complex audio systems. Remember, your car's main purpose is to get you somewhere.

keep checking back as i update this and my other pages