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My Wanted Section

A good place for Me to put images, pictures, thumbnails etc......
This section is here for me to list the items im looking for to complete my many restorations .If you have what i need, can get it , or know someone who has it . Please feel free to e-mail me .@ intrcptr@sbcglobal.net

Nevada "EX" tags
I need a set of these for my Las Vegas car. plate #s and condition are not important.

N.Y.P.D. tags
Im looking for a real set of these # 2272 to match my N.Y.P.D. Car .

California "E" tags
Looking for a set of these for my San Diego Sheriffs car . Plate #s and condition are not important

1994-1996 Caprice Cop Car Wheels GOT THEM

looking for a set of (5)these wheels caprice copcar wheels for my 1991 Caprice..YES I KNOW THERE NOT CORRECT FOR THE CAR PRESTON.....


1991 Chevy Caprice

i need a new door panel ( drivers side) for my 1991 caprice .. heres a pic of the one i need ( mines broken) AS YOU CAN SEE

1991 / 1994 Chevrolet Caprice
Needed left rear taillight for my 1994 NYPD Caprice .this (cheap repo) one, had to replace the 1991 light that was in the car when i got it, is faded pink!. and has lots of Taxi yellow paint on it ,only one i could find at the time.Im also looking for front and rear bumper covers and a right rear wheel well molding.For My 1991 Caprice I need a drivers side door panel ( dark blue ) with roll up window.

Cars Wanted

im currently looking for the folowing cars to add to my collection.

1970-1978 mercury marquis /galaxie 500 police pkgs

1977-1990 Chevrolet Caprice / Impala police 9-C-1

1977-1979 LTD2/Cougar police pkgs

1984-1986 LTD II police package

1986-1994 Taurus Police package

1978-1984 Chevrolet Malibu

1976-1980 ASPEN / VOLARE

1980-1990 Crown vic police package ( got one (1988)  finally but looking for more)

1986-1989 Celebrity police package (yes they made them) SEE ABOVE PICTURE

cars dont need to run .almost any condition will do .(.hopefully not burnt or wrecked)

check back often as i update this and my other pages