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L.V.M.P.D. Restoration

a good place to have images, pictures, thumbnails etc...
Pictures and Information on the restoration of my 1991 Chevrolet Caprice from the
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

sweet front view
L-05 5.7 ltr 350 c.i.d. t.b.i. Police engine. 130 amp alternator and all.See even the Police issue Green Silicone Hoses.
Door Decals
these are the real deal .not some cheapo knock -offs. these are actual Las Vegas pd decals /reflective and all
Almost done
just a few more items and shes all done. items needed: roof #s , pct #s , "EX" licence plates and 2 more "police "decals for the doors. i would like to thank all of those who have helped me greatly in the restoration of this car. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !
The real deal

what i hope she will look like when shes done.


if you have or know where i can get the missing parts i need for this or any of my restorations please please contact me .

im currently looking for the radio/mdt bracketry and a set of ex tags from the era.

please keep checking back as we update this and our other pages