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My 76 Torino

images, pictures, thumbnails etc...of my new baby

shes a 1976 torino. 400 2 bbl c-6 dual exhaust. .. more info coming soon

as she sat before i got her
Another picture from Southern Utah and Colorado
rear view
I love the Southwest. You won't find better scenery anywhere!
interior with weird design
Another picture from Southern Utah and Colorado
400 m 2 bbl

her stock motor.. hope to get her a 514 bb asap

15" slotted mags

looking for a set of these.. 15 x 8 or 10  for the rear and 15 x 6 or 7 for the front

remember this?

yep thats the tags from the real deal

stuff im looking for

looking for wheels.. am/fm 8 trac radio , dual snorkel air cleaner,

please check back as i update this and my other pages