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My test drive of the 2002 Dodge Intrepid Police Package

a good place for images, pictures, thumbnails etc...
Just some of the pics ive taken of the 2002 Dodge Intrepid Police Package i tested last year.

Yes thats me

youd have a big stupid grin like that too if you had just finished testing one of the fastest copcars for 2002.Dodge definately made this one boogie!

check out my test drive story on allpar .com  www.allpar.com

Side View
i took this pic at a local lincoln/mercury dealers lot..funny huh.
3.5 litres of real 6 cyl power.
yes fans this bad boy outs out around 260 hp! thats awsome for a non turbo or supercharged 6cyl. thats impala ss power from a 6cyl!
just a pic of some of the equipment on the demo car.
this car was a completely functioning policecar. every item worked.i know i tested it..LOL all items were from the Whelen Company
Police Guage Package
yes fans thats a 140 speedo in a dodge1 let me tell you .if any car from 2002 this bad boy feels like she will do every bit of the 140 too.
Whelen L.E.D. lightbar
it was a great looking and functioning lightbar. just way way to expensive for me.
rear view
even looks good from the rear..but i still cant wait for the 2006 rwd Magnum / Charger Hemi versions.

wanna see more pics? e-mail me ill be glad to send them to you.